Back in Action!

Wow!!  It has certainly been a while!  Let me just summarize what's been going on:

* My husband and I are now the lucky parents to adorable twin boys!  They are currently 6 months old and know how to keep me busy!  I had to leave the salon in September to be put on bed rest and welcomed our boys into this world 2 months early.  I then spent the next 3 1/2 months recovering and getting this whole mom of multiples under control (or at least what I consider to be control at the moment!).  Our journey has been a roller coaster of emotions, but I honestly would not trade one day of it.

* I returned to Split-Enz in December, working one day a week for limited hours (from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Tuesdays only).  It's kind of hard to find someone to babysit two babies for long hours!!!  But I am happy to report that starting in April my schedule will hopefully be more accommodating to my clients.  I will begin to work every 1st and 3rd Tuesday (same hours), and every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  So please feel free to come and visit me!

I feel like I am finally to a point where I can start to grow my clientele again, so I'll be pushing the specials and promotions for the next few months!  Continue to check back to see the new deals!  Thank you to all of my faithful clients who stuck with me through those months!  It's great to be back and I look forward to meeting all of you new clients!

Check out my current Specials:


Summer Savings

Do you think summer is finally here?!  I sure hope so!!  To kick start the sunshine I'm offering a SUPER SAVINGS DEAL on eyelashes!  These deals will be good through the end of JUNE 2011! Are you ready for this:

(That's a $20.00 savings!!)


** GET A LASH TINT FOR $18.00!! **
(That's a $7.00 savings!!)

If you have never heard about an eyelash tint and are wondering what in the world it is... Let me tell ya!  We basically dye your eyelashes a beautiful, black color!!  I get it close to your lash line so that it gives the illusion of eyeliner.  If you think "well I already have dark lashes, this wouldn't benefit me" - - - don't count it out just yet!  Natural eyelashes aren't as black as the dye I use, so it is a huge benefit to everyone, not to mention it colors the very tips of lashes that are usually so light you don't realize how long your lashes really are!!  For me personally, a lash tint is something I will NEVER again go without!!  I have naturally blonde lashes, so having them tinted is like always having mascara on!!  I love it because I never have to worry about playing in the water during the summer time!!

As for eyelash extensions... please refer to the post below!!  It tells all about what extensions are!  And if you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly!


March Deals at the Salon

Okay, I realize it has been a while since the last post on here, however, the change to Split-Enz has been awesome!!  I think it was the right move!!  There have been a lot of changes and I feel like I'm able to give my clients a much better service in my new room!! (I'll post some pics of it soon!)
Anyway... To celebrate Spring (or more like HOPE that it's on its way) I am offering $10.00 off a full set of Eyelash Extensions.  
These are a great way to quicken your get ready routine!!  Eyelash extensions, a favorite among supermodels and celebrities, are available to you too!  Think of them like hair extensions; individual curled lashes are adhered to your own by a trained professional (yours truly, ME!).  Pricing is set up like getting a set of nails applied.  You'll pay a one-time price for the full set, but refills (suggested every two to four weeks, depending on your natural lash cycle) are only a fraction of the initial cost.  The process can take up to two hours, but with a little care your luscious new lashes will change your life! I use faux mink lashes, these are softer and more flexible than the regular synthetic lashes used at other places.  They come in all different curls, lengths and diameters.

Also, I have made some changes to the price list!!  Please check it out to see whats new!


Happy Day for Me!!

Lot's of changing going on for me these days!  I thought I'd better get this posted ASAP so everyone knows!  Starting in November 2010, I will be working out of Split Enz Salon in North Ogden!  I'm so excited to be joining such an awesome business!  I think this change is going to allow me to better serve my clients and hopefully you all will enjoy the change of scenery!!

Unfortunately this also means I will not be offering Spa Parties for a while, at least until I can get a handle on everything and see what my schedule turns in to!  However, to make up for that inconvenience I'm going to be posting SPECIALS here on my blog that only you followers will be able to redeem!!  HOORAY!!!  So please keep in touch and see what awesome deals you can get!

Thanks for all of your continued support!!  I really couldn't do this without you!  Wish me luck!